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Inner and outer Chamber S.S. 304 Variable speed from 50 RPM to 300 RPM
Touch screen display Shaking amplitude 25 mm
Universal Platform to accommodate interchangeable molded clamps of assorted sizes for different capacity of flasks 100 ml, 250ml, 500ml. Automatic restart at preset speed in case of power failure
PLC based Temperature Controller
Chamber illumination with fluorescent Cyclic timer for illumination control
Models Chamber Volume (Litres) Platform Size mm Internal Dimensions
H x W x D mm
External Dimensions
H x W x D mm
Temperatur Range
NLOS90R 90 330 x 330 (7.5kg) 450 x 450 x 450 620 x 870 x 7100 5ºC to 60º C (+- 1c)
NL-OS 270R 270 745 x 490(15kg) 450 x 900 x 670 700 x 1380 x 1020