Safety Features
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FM approved PUF Panels Spark-free Interior & Exterior
Flame-proof Components
Motors | HMI | Light Fittings | Control Panel | Sensors*
FM200 Fire Suppression System
Automatic Start Function|I AV Alarms/Hooters |I Flame & Smoke Detection Sensors*
Complete with Validation & Test Certificates Safety features with comprehensive alarms
 In case of fire inside the chamber, Inert gas will be purged Automatic Start Function
 Audio-Visual Alarms/Hooters Flame & Smoke Detection Sensors installed inside the Walk-In Chamber
Supply to all instrumentation will be cut-off No risk of personal injury
 Faster than other extinguishing systems using natural gases Extinguishing agent storage takes up little space as consumption Is very low
Electrically non — conducting Best environmental compatibility of the HFCs
Best environmental compatibility of the HFCs Modular design using multiplex extinguishing agent storage containers
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